Bailiff Firms Cornish Boost.


Cornwall Council Spokesman Pictured Here Not Giving a Shit.

Scum bag Bailiff firms across the Duchy are rubbing their hands together with glee with the news that over a thousand Cornish residents have been handed liability orders for non payment of Council Tax. Among those receiving liability orders were a large number of those previously exempt from the charge, now forced to pay 1/4 of the cost.  ”we bloody love debt and misery” said a knuckle dragging thug from Rosenflales Bailiffs Ltd “especially charging people £125 for pretending to knock on their door”  he added, for some reason putting on a fake scouse accent.  This bailiff bonus comes thanks to the combined psychopathy of the former members of Cornwall Council and of course the current government, who quite frankly would like see all poor people rounded up and placed in prison camps.  ”Sod them they’re poor” added a Cornwall Council spokesman while tucking into a Council subsidised buffet.

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